Abby Madeiros, Eileen Hayes

Sailing a vessel deploying such technical equipment is a big responsibility, but the crew of the RV Bellows does a fantastic job.

Captain Dave Coy

Captain Dave Coy on the bridge.

Dave started out as an office worker in Philadelphia and moved to Florida when his company relocated here. When his company downsized in 2008, he decided to get his captain’s license. He has worked at the Florida Institute of Oceanography for four years on the R/V Weatherbird II and the R/V Bellows. He has served in many capacities, including deck hand, engineer, assistant captain, and captain. He enjoys his job because he loves being out on the water!







Billy Coker giving a safety briefing.


Assistant Captain Billy Coker

Billy started working on ships in 2004. He worked several years ferrying materials from Alabama out to the Oil rig platforms. He took the Coast Guard Captains test to allow him to be one of our captains. His duties besides assisting the captain are to help with launching and retrieving equipment. His most exciting trips in the Gulf allowed him to see whales and 20 foot manta rays.





Patrick Foster-marine Cook and Deck Hand

Patrick Foster in the galley.

Patrick is a chef extraordinaire in a very small galley. He produces 3 full meals a day and usually a home-made dessert each evening. Meals are at 0700, 1200, and 1800 hours. Patrick also keeps the ship neat and must shop for all the supplies. He says that lunch is the most difficult meal to plan for, so many times it’s soup and sandwiches that people can eat while they work.






David Kennedy-Chief Engineer

Engineer David Kennedy.

David is the one who helps deploy all of the equipment, and he keeps everything running smoothly. He learned to do this job in the Coast Guard, and he was able to travel all around Central America. He likes this job because it allows him to be on the water and fish on the way in.
One of his most memorable research cruises was fishing for sharks using long lines and seeing a 6 gill shark that was 14 feet long and maybe 2000 lbs.