Matt MacGregor C-IMAGE Teacher At Sea Feb 5-14 cruise

Meet Matt MacGregor is a marine science teacher at Escambia High School in Pensacola Florida. Matt MacGregor is a lifelong resident of Florida, having grown up on the shores of Perdido Bay, the “Lost Bay” in the panhandle.  He gained an appreciation of Florida’s resources while catching blue crabs, mullet, and flounder with his family.  He has always maintained a close relationship with the ocean.  In fact, he has spent all 41 years of his life living on the water; ten of which were on a sailboat. After completing his education at the University of West Florida and pursuing his interests in sailing, he became a science teacher in Escambia County where he currently teaches Marine Science at Escambia High School.  Matt enjoys bringing life to his classroom by including his students in local environmental projects such as Living Shorelines and Oyster Gardening.  Matt lives his life through hands-on experiences and now enjoys fostering his two young daughters’ desire to learn about the local estuary by taking them on the boat every opportunity they get.  When the opportunity arose to be the C-IMAGE Teacher at Sea Matt quickly jumped on board and is eager to work and share his experiences with his students and others.



Teacher Matt MacGregor and FWRI scientist, Matt Garrett preparing Niskin bottles to collect seawater samples