High Seas for Thursday

High Seas for Weatherbird II, Feb 7, 2013


Whew some very high seas for the Weatherbird II today. We had to discontinue operations at our deepest stations and head the vessel through two fronts as we moved towards the shallower water stations in search of less confused sea states. The safety of all aboard is first and foremost and deploying the large, heavy instruments you have seen in these blogs is not safe when seas are beyond 4-6 feet. So, it was a day of preparing the lab stations, replacing some gear, and catching up on sleep before the non-stop sampling begins at 06:00. Enjoy tonight’s photo journal.


Multicore team pausing to consider what is doable with the pitching seas

Survival Suits demo before we all try our own orange gumby suits

USF Graduate Students, Elizabeth Brown andBo Yang, combining art & science by preparing foam cups for a 1500m plunge

Our Captain, enduring called Boomer.