Enjoy a collection of photos of the scientists of the R/V Weatherbird II on the February 2013 Ocean Grazers Expedition.

Science Personnel include Leslie Schwierzke-Wade (USF) – chief scientist, Matt Garrett (USF/FWRI), Karen Dreger (USF), Jonelle Basso (USF), Bo Yang, Elizabeth Brown (USF), Brian Wells (FSU), Lee Russell (FSU), Cedric Magen (FSU), Teresa Greely (USF),  Matt MacGregor (Teacher at Sea), and Matt Flynn (Eckerd).


Leslie Schwierzke-Wade is the Chief Scientist for the C-IMAGE expedition. She completed her masters degree at USF Marine Sciences and is now working for C-IMAGE scientist Kendra Daly to lead plankton monitoring research in the Gulf of Mexico.

Karen Dreger is a Research Engineer Technician working with C-IMAGE scientist Kendra Daly.


Matt Garrett works for Florida Marine Research Institute (FWC-FMRI) and is a new graduate student at USF Marine Science with C-IMAGE scientist Kendra Daly's lab.





Bo Yang is a USF graduate student working in Dr. Byrne's chemistry lab.













Jonelle Basso is a Research Techician in the microbiology lab of C-IMAGE scientist John Paul. .


Elizabeth Brown is a USF Graduate Student in Dr. Pamela Hallock-Muller's lab.





















Brian Wells (center) is a FSU Graduate Student working in DEEP-C scientist Dr. Markus Huettel's lab.

Lee Russell is an FSU graduate student working in Deep-C scientist Markus Huettel's labratory.