Lee Russell and Brian Wells (DEEP-C scientists) Deploying the Multicorer to Retrieve Sediment Samples

During this C-IMAGE expedition, the C-IMAGE team is collaborating to share vessel time with scientists from the DEEP-C consortia housed at Florida State University. Collaboration is an excellent way for scientists from multiple GoMRI consortia to work collectively to better understand the Gulf ecosystem. In the field of oceanography collaboration amongst science teams is essential to study large ocean systems. This is especially helpful when research is conducted at sea. We are enjoying learning about the research and sea stories of the DEEP-C scientists aboard. Enjoy this series of blogs that will introduce you to the FSU research team from the DEEP-C consortia, Brian Wells, Cedric Magen and Lee Russell.

Lee Russell (DEEP-C) transferring sediment core from Multicorer


DEEP-C scientists, Cedric Magen reviewing data in the long lab during C-IMAGE Feb cruise