Fellow Adventure-ers at Sea and C-IMAGE readers, it is that time of the research expedition when the sampling gear has been secured on deck, the lab equipment is being packed in dry boxes, and the science team is packing luggage. Yepper this C-IMAGE February 2013 expedition has come to a close as we are sailing pack to port in St. Petersburg, Florida. Matt MacGregor, our C-IMAGE Teacher at Sea from Escambia High School and I (Teresa Greely) would like to thank the science team for teaching us the science of the sea and training us to work as part of the science team. We also wish to thank the crew of the WBII for their help with the onboard comforts and assistance with internet access so we could Skype and blog during the expedition (especially, Andrew Warren). Thanks for the countless memories, sea stories and science research and lessons learned throughout the expedition. Thank you C-IMAGE Scientists, Leslie Schwierzke-Wade and Kendra Daly for welcoming us aboard as part of the science team.

C-IMAGE Teacher at Sea, Matt MacGregor aboard WBII during C-IMAGE Feb 2013 cruise

C-IMAGE Teresa Greely aboard WBII during C-IMAGE Feb 2013 cruise












Plan to join us for our upcoming C-IMAGE Teacher at Sea expeditions currently scheduled for March 22-18 aboard the R/V Bellows and May 14-23 aboard the R/V Weatherbird II.

If your classroom or group would like to participate in a LIVE video conference via Skype during our expeditions, please contact Teresa Greely, greely@usf.edu for details.

Enjoy these final photos that capture the lighter side of our time at sea.

C-IMAGE Jonelle Basso and DEEP-C Cedric Magen smiling in Survival Suits aka Gumby-wear
















USF Elizabeth Brown in Survival Suit


C-IMAGE Matt Garrett Donning Survival Suit











USF Bo Yang in Survival Suit


DEEP-C Lee Russell in his survival suit











C-IMAGE Teresa Greely in Survival Suit


C-IMAGE Leslie Schwierzke-Wade sporting Survival Suit











C-IMAGE Jonelle Basso and Matt Garrett happy in their Survival Suits








Sunset during C-IMAGE research cruise February 2013



Matt Flynn (Eckerd College) and Bo Yang (USF CMS) relaxing during the long transit home to St. Pete


Foam cups ready for deepsea pressure


Purple Sunset Sky stern WBII C-IMAGE Feb 2013