Willy Stephens; Professional Fisherman hired by C-IMAGE

Willy has been fishing all of his life, learning from his father and grandfather.  After attending Marianna High School in Marianna, Florida, Willy began his 20 year career as a professional fisherman.  He was hired by Dr. Steve Murawski to work aboard the Weatherbird II because of his immense skill at finding the fish while keeping everyone safe.  He is truly a professional, conscientious, hard-worker who is appreciated for his efforts. 

When not working, he enjoys his two children, Haley, 12 and Trevor, 11.  And guess what he does for fun.  Yes, he goes fishing!  For Willy, “Fishing is Life”. 

When asked what his favorite experience at sea has been, he responded, “when I caught 18,000 POUNDS OF Red Grouper in a week.”

Willy Stephens (Professional Fisherman)

Willy bringing in a shark


Willy Stevens, our awesome professional fisherman